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The Wyndencleh Gallery is divided into three pages so that each page can load in a reasonable time. Remember that the images are shown here in relatively low resolution; the actual cards and prints are clear and show much finer true-to-life detail. Every design is available as a Note Card; many are also available as Prints. Rest your mouse on each design to learn more about it, and then go to the next page in the Gallery.

The Canadian Holly original features a brilliant sprig of Canadian Holly berries, rising from a center of wild Ground Juniper berries and needles. The bright red of a Sumac leaf from fall settles beside the tiny feather of a Mourning Dove. A wild Rose Hip and leaves, along with several Hawthorne leaves, complete the picture.

Canadian Holly

One of the Northern Flickers that like to feed on insects in my gardens contributed the golden tail feather that inspired GoldFeather. A downy feather from a Ruffed Grouse, a stem of Creeping Thyme, and a purple blossom from Nana’s Bee Balm plant cluster around a bright yellow Helichrysum. The tall stalk of Millet, which was grown for the birds, sits near some Parsnip blossoms and above a spikey seed head of Winter Rye.  And a few of the fine strands of moss found on the Red Maple trees bring some softness to the bottom edge of the arrangement.


The pinkest Mayflowers, much like the sweetest Blueberries, seem to grow near the largest anthills!  So, ‘La Vie en Rose’ has become a tiny reminder that life may be more rosy after some struggle. The beautiful pink Mayflower blossoms form the heart of ‘La Vie’, beneath Ground Pine and Old Man’s Beard. The newly developing leaves on a Maple twig in springtime balance a polka-dotted feather of a Downy Woodpecker.

La Vie en Rose

A sprig of Millet hovers over the polka-dotted feather of a Downy Woodpecker. Sedum, French Lavender, and Creeping Thyme cluster about the Straw-like Rhodanthe. The bristly Gomphrena anchors the Millet, where Sapphire Lobelia blossoms peek out shyly.

Millet Ascendant

Forest in Spring features the beautifully striped tail feather of a Ruffed Grouse, emerging from a collection of fungi and forest plants gathered as spring finally began. Wild Ground Juniper rests along a branch of Red Maple, whose buds are beginning to emerge. A single Wild Rose Hip that’s been spared by winter adds a splash of red. Yellow tassels of Ground Pine wave above leaves of the Blueberry plants which grow wild at the forest edge, while the tiny cones of a Hackmatack tree nestle among the branches like tiny wooden flowers.

Forest in Spring

‘Marriage’ shows two hearts linked by a sprig of Bridal Veil and Queen Anne’s Lace. They are cradled in a Basket of Gold that‘s sprinkled with Forget-Me-Nots and surrounded by spring flowers and the down of a dove, all supported by maples.
In Golden Morning, the golden underside of a Northern Flicker's dropped feather forms a cradle with Millet, a favored food of the birds. Spikes of Winter Rye extend behind French Lavender petals, from wisps of Cynthia's Thistle. And a single Sapphire Lobelia rests above Creeping Thyme and bits of Basket of Gold.

Golden Morning

A single Bleeding Heart suspended over stark Hawthorne.  The Mourning Dove contributed her feather,  supported by the strength of young Oak and Solomon's Seal. Forget-Me-Nots and Creeping Thyme  … never enough time…  soften the Carpet Rose while a Bee Balm blossom floats, open and upward.



A pair of young Bleeding Hearts are the base of this lightly playful heart. Their deep pink-purple coloring is shared by the classic Stonecrop Sedum  and a single petal of Bee Balm. Tiny Robin and Dove feathers float near the face of a Johnny Jump Up, surrounded by Millet, Sage, feathery-pink  Astilbe, and the two-toned purple and yellow petals of Gaillardia. Forget-Me-Nots and a sprig of blue from Nan’s Bee Balm encircle the center.
Promise brings to you  ... A pair of Roses Linked by a ‘Kiss-Me’ Viola A fragrant background of Rosemary Above a base of Sage Beside a Star of Borage A wisp of Bee Balm floats above The Silver-edged Thyme... Our Time Etched with Silver

Playful Heart


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