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The artwork that I create at Wyndencleh is very much a reflection of the environment: the wind, the clay, the birds, the animals, the flowers and the forest that surround the farm. The farm doesn't overflow with wildlife, and I'm very grateful for these occasional glimpses of delightful critters. I wanted to share some of this inspiration with you; rest your mouse on any image for some comments about the photo.

These Black Locust trees are over 80 years old now, and they create a magnificent sight (and scent) when in bloom. They are also a great perch for the birds, from Chickadees and Nuthatches to the occasional Pileated Woodpecker. Though not easily visible in the foreground, there’s a bloomin’ pear tree and the Bridal Veil Spirea that has provided blooms and foliage for arrangements such as Marriage and Together

Black Locusts

This striking bird with his brilliant crimson crest and an equally arresting squawk is the largest species of woodpecker found in Nova Scotia. He loves the lofty perch provided by the Locust trees, plus the fertile dining area they provide for him.

Phil, the Pileated Woodpecker

This Red Squirrel lives in luxury .. sitting on his feeder in the sunshine. The feeder has been constructed around a reused glass pickle jar, giving him something of a glass house. He's been observed sitting inside it on some nasty days, just looking out at the rain and wind.

Red Squirrel

The morning sun on the ice-crusted field created an almost sepia-like image which highlights the beauty, and the desolation, of this harshest time of the year.

Field in Winter

A sentimental garden that was built to remember, it's also the source of the elements in my 'Shadows' Garden' design. Lamb's Ear is in the foreground, on the left is burgundy Saxifragia, and in the distance, Daffodils surround the old purple Lilac tree, gnarled but reaching for the sky.

Shadows's Garden

Elegant in his spotted fur coat, this fawn delicately dines on clover just outside the window.

Fawn dining beside the Window

These twin fawns provided the opportunity for one of my favorite photos, taken through my office window. That's my computer monitor that you see at the bottom edge of the photo, while the fawns are framed by the edges of my narrow office window. Occasionally, critters come by... some live here, most just pass through. We've nicknamed this Red Fox 'Felix'; always looking alert and perky, he sometimes comes out in the fields during the day to check out the mouse and vole population.

Fawns at the Office

You can just see the black bib of the Northern Flicker as he looks at Johnny Jump Up's (aka 'Kiss Me's). Creeping Thyme that's spread into the wood chip path is blooming behind the Flicker.

Northern Flicker at the Kiss Me's

Felix on Alert

This Northern Flicker, hunting for bugs, looks brown and red from behind. But when he flies overhead, you can see that many of his feathers are bright yellow; they form the basis of arrangements such as GoldFeather and Golden Morning.

Northern Flicker in Gardens

Dandelions are abundant in the Wyndencleh 'lawns' of clover and native grasses. Pine Siskins perch on the flimsy stems and love to dine on the fluffy seeds. In the front corner, flowers of Snow in Summer tumble beyond their rock garden
Although not welcome too close to the house, skunks are cute, furry little fellas with beautiful markings. 'Pepe' looks for bugs 'n  grubs in the grass and clover.

Pepe the Skunk

Occasionally, an owl will drop by in the very early morning, perch in a Locust tree, and take a look over the fields for breakfast.

Barred Owl in Locusts

Pine Siskin Dining

Having nested in this box built for them under the protective roofline of the barn, a Tree Swallow parent has a busy life... fetching and feeding while the young ones grow.

Tree Swallow Feeding her Young

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