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It's often difficult to think of the right words for a situation. (That's why greeting cards are so popular!) You need something brief, but that shows feeling. A way to say how much you care, or how delighted you are, or how very, very sorry you are for having done something thoughtless, dumb, or just plain awful. And in your heart, you know that no matter how perfect the sentiments in a commercial, mass-marketed card, it's not quite the same as a personal note in your own handwriting.

I've begun this collection to help you when you find yourself stumped for words (and because that often happens to me.) The collection is still young, but quotations and short sentiments are a source of interest and entertainment for me, so there will be more coming.

I've organized the phrases into categories, but my view of which categories match particular phrases may not coincide with yours. So, browse through the lot of them to see what works for you.

And if you have a favorite phrase or sentiment that you'd like to contribute, send it in!  I'll indicate the source whenever possible (when sources aren't shown, they are either Wyndencleh originals or common phrases.)

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