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Occasionally questions come up about Wyndencleh and about the artwork.

Where is Wyndencleh?

Wyndencleh Farm sits on the top of a drumlin* on the beautiful South Shore of Nova Scotia, Canada. This is within an hour's drive from Peggy's Cove, whose lighthouse and granite rocks are photographed by countless tourists (and residents) every year. This is also the vicinity of Mahone Bay - the home of three photogenic churches on the bay, and of Lunenburg, a Unesco World Heritage site.

Can we arrange a tour?

We are not set up to receive visitors.

Where did the name 'Wyndencleh' come from?

Seeing the fields and pastures of my old homestead slowly reverting to natural meadowland at the forest edge, I concluded that all is best served by working in harmony with the attributes of the land. And the two attributes in greatest abundance across this old farm are ... the wind and the clay. Thus, Wynd-en-cleh, pronounced "Wind 'n Clay".

Why the funny spelling?

Well...  'Wynd' reflects a bit of whimsical artistic license on my part. And 'Cleh'? Hey, we're in Canada, eh?

*What's a drumlin?

 It's a hill (of clay) deposited by the glaciers as they drifted south, so many years ago.

Is any special care required for my prints?

No. They are printed with light-resistant inks on archival paper, so they should last for years without fading. With that said, protecting the prints from bright sunlight is never a bad thing to do.


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