Wyndencleh Naturals Artwork: Triple Rose Cluster
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Welcome to Wyndencleh... a place where artwork made from nature comes to life. Here, you'll find Wyndencleh Naturals Artwork offered as Note Cards and Prints. These cards and prints are unique and beautiful reminders of the natural beauty that surrounds us.

At Wyndencleh, I create original arrangements of flowers, weeds, feathers, herbs and other natural materials grown or gathered here. Using my geeky technical education for good, rather than evil, I am able to create high-quality, realistic reproductions of the originals as Note Cards and Prints.

Wyndencleh Naturals artwork: Canadian Holly
Wyndencleh Artwork: Fawn

I also make custom Note Cards, using your nature photographs or mine, and I can add a personalized message inside.

New in 2006 is The Flowers of Wyndencleh, a DVD slide show with a serene attitude, beautiful music, and the exquisite colors of Wyndencleh's summer flowers. Custom DVD shows are also now available, primarily for pet memorials.

Where is Wyndencleh?
Wyndencleh Farm is perched on a secluded drumlin on the South Shore of Nova Scotia, Canada.

After years in cities, I am grateful to have returned to the 'homestead', and to be able to share its beauty and connections with the natural world.

This artwork is very much a reflection of the environment of the farm the wind, the clay, the twigs, flowers, and feathers.

See the View
Of course, the forests and meadows here provide a home for birds and wildlife as well as artwork material. I wanted to share that as well; visit the  View from Wyndencleh with its pictures of the farm,  gardens, and wildlife.

The View from Wyndencleh: Black Locusts

Making Connections
Even from this isolated vantage point, one of the most interesting activities is making and nurturing connections with people. It can be difficult to think of the right words to strengthen those connections. If that's true for you, take a look at Connections - it's there to help you with ideas and inspiration when you find yourself staring at a blank Note Card with your favourite pen in hand. You are welcome to offer a phrase or verse to add to the Connections page.

Bring a bit of Wyndencleh home with you
So take a look at the designs in the Gallery, choose your favorites, and then contact me for info on pricing, ordering, and shipping

Wyndencleh Naturals artwork: Northern Flicker Feather

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Naturals Artwork...where the Medium is Nature

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Wyndencleh Naturals artwork: Millet Ascendant